A donation program is an important part of infertility treatment, often if ensures pregnancy in shortest time with the highest success rate. All forms of donation, egg donation, sperm donation, embryo donation, according to Slovak legislation is strictly anonymous.

Egg (oocyte) donation

Oocyte donation belongs among the most successful methods of infertility treatment. Treatment with donated eggs represents a set of therapeutic procedures, when the eggs of an anonymous donor are fertilised by sperm of the partner or a donor.

Reasons for treatment with donated oocytes:

  • Early failure of ovarian function
  • Genetic disorders
  • Low quality of eggs in previous IVF cycles
  • Previous oncological treatment
  • Repeated unsuccessful embryo transfers with own eggs

In as many as 50% of oocyte recipients the reason is the premature ovarian insufficiency, ovarian function failure before reaching the age of 40.

Egg (oocyte) donation principle

Who are egg donors?

Our egg donors are healthy, young women 18 – 34 years old. To become an egg donor, each donor has to go through detailed examination with reproductive gynaecologist, general practitioner and geneticist to ensure excellent ovarian reserve and exclude infectious, sexual and genetically transmitted diseases.

When selecting an oocyte donor, phenotype characteristics (eye color, hair color, height, weight) of the recipient are taken into account. We also try to match the blood group and Rh factor of the donor with blood group of the recipient.

How does the process go?

The oocyte donor undergoes ovarian stimulation, which results with egg retrieval under total anaesthesia. On the day of collection, retrieved eggs are fertilised by the partner’s sperm and after several days of culturing (typically 3 to 5 days), based on agreement with the recipient, 1 or 2 embryos are transferred into the uterus of the recipient, future mother. Transfer of embryo(s) is done in fresh synchronized cycle with the egg recipient. If you are travelling from abroad, please expect stay around 7 days.

In some cases, transfer of fresh embryo(s) is not performed, but all embryos are cryopreserved (via vitrification). Frozen embryo transfer can then be done without synchronization with the donor, with HRT (hormonal replacement therapy) or  in the natural cycle on a specific day after ovulation is confirmed. If you are travelling from abroad, this can make your stay shorter.

Oocyte donation is strictly anonymous, voluntary and unpaid. However, every donor is compensated for her time and the costs she may have incurred in relation to the donation of eggs. According to Slovak legislation, the mother of the child is the woman who gives birth to the child.

Embryo donation

Embryo donation is a form of infertility treatment suitable for couples in which both partners suffer from significant disruption of developing their own reproductive cells (eggs and sperm). Donated embryos are created using donor eggs and donor sperm. When planning embryo transfer, it can be done in fresh synchronized cycle or with frozen embryos. Both egg and sperm donors are selected to match recipient’s phenotype and blood groups.

Sperm donation

Sperm donation is recommended to couples where the male partner has a continuing problem with fertility. This can mean an absence of sperm in ejaculate (azoospermia) or cases when the male partner carries a genetic disorder.

Treatment of single women with using donor sperm is not allowed.

Sperm donation principle

Sperm donors are man 18 to 34 years old who meet the required criteria in terms of semen analysis parameters and that the results of initial examinations and tests rule out infectious, sexually and genetically transmitted diseases. Sperm is frozen and stored in quarantine for 180 days; tests for infectious and sexually transmitted diseases are then conducted again. Only when negative results are confirmed can the sperm actually be used in donor programs.


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