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Address: Magnezitárska 2/C, 040 13 Košice


Contact for international calls: +421 55 282 99 70 (between 7.00 and 15.30, or you can leave us a voice message)

Hotline for acute difficulties during IVF treatment:  +421 (0) 908 297 710

(MVDr. Popelková, PhD. ( IVF cycle coordinator))


Office hours:

Pondelok – Piatok: 7:30- 14:30


You can get an appointment during office hours over the telephone at a toll-free number 0800 300 000 (between 7.00 and 15.30) or you may send us your phone number at and we will get back to you to agree an appointment with you.

Equally, you may get an appointment by filling-in the form below and we will get in touch with you over the phone to agree on a date and time suitable for you.

You should bring the following with you to the appointment:
– referral from your gynaecologist
– results of any previous examinations, check-ups or appointments with specialists that you have been to (hormonal examination, surgical reports, previous sperm analyses of your partner,
urological/andrological examination of your partner, haematological examination, genetic examination…).