Egg freezing

Fertility preservation


Freezing eggs for fertility preservation was first an option for oncologic patients to preserve their fertility before aggressive treatment, but over the past decade it has turned to an option for young women who wish to postpone motherhood but want to make sure they have good quality eggs waiting for them.

It is no secret that busier style of life with more options for education, career, travel, financial independence, has led women to reach their 30ies without clear plan for motherhood. Biologic clock is no longer a taboo topic and many young women are deciding to take control over their life including fertility and conception options and go for egg freezing.

GYNCARE offers unique and affordable program for women to freeze their eggs in one or two stimulated cycles, depending on number and quality of eggs we retrieve.


Why fertility preservation?


If you are thinking about egg freezing, first step is to evaluate your ovarian reserve and fertility levels at this present moment. This evaluation can easily be done with combination of blood tests and ultrasound control. We recommend to have this done with local gynecologist or with us at GYNCARE and MEDIREX laboratories.

  • Hormonal profile: FSH, LH, estradiol, prolactin, testosterone, TSH, fT3, fT4 on 2-5 day of menstrual cycle
  • AMH (Anti Mullerian hormone), indication of ovarian reserve, any day of the cycle
  • Number of antral follicle count, via ultrasound control of ovaries

These results will give us clear picture of ovarian reserve and what can be expected with IVF stimulation and egg collection.


When is the best time to plan egg freezing?


Simple answer is, the earlier the better. Our eggs age together with us and to have the best chance for obtaining larger number of quality eggs, we recommend to freeze eggs before age 35. Of course, egg freezing can be done even later as long as woman is producing eggs, but with higher age we can expect fewer quality eggs.


How should I prepare myself for the procedure?


Our doctors will prepare your individual stimulation protocol based on information described above needed for fertility evaluation. This protocol will include dates and injections you need to apply daily, starting normally from cycle day 2, until cycle day 9/10/11. Stimulation medication you can buy from your local doctor or we can provide prescriptions and can recommend online pharmacy which can send you medication.


Please plan to spend cca 5 days at GYNCARE Slovakia. During this time, you will have a few ultrasound controls to plan precisely induction of ovulation and egg collection. On the day of egg collection, you will stay at the clinic for few hours. Egg collection is done in general anaesthesia so make sure you visit your GP for health assessment before intervention in total anaesthesia. One day after egg collection you can travel home.


The cost of egg freezing procedure is 1.200 €, including general anaesthesia.
Additionally, STD (sexually transmitted diseases) cost needed for egg freezing according to Slovak law, 37 €. These costs are to be paid at the clinic. Cost of medication (800 – 1.000 € depending on your individual stimulation protocol) should be covered at local pharmacy or online pharmacy before the treatment starts.



How long can my eggs stay frozen?

Your eggs can remain frozen for unlimited time. In the price and program, we include 1-year storage. After this time, you should pay yearly storage 120 €.

You can decide to come back after some time with a partner and use frozen eggs. Your eggs would then be thawed and fertilized with selected sperm (via ICSI/IMSI/PICSI/MACS) method and in this way, embryos would be created. Your embryos would grow inside the laboratory for 2-5 days after which one or two selected embryos would be transferred to your uterus, other embryos if good quality, would be frozen for possible future use.

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