How come that I can’t get pregnant when my doctor told me that everything was fine with me?

Sometimes, even if both partners keep on trying, things still somehow don’t work out. Why is that so?

Diagnosing infertility is a quite challenging task. Even today, a large percentage of cases cannot be exactly explained.

Your gynecologist can offer you basic tests (e.g. cervical swabs, cytology, checking if you ovulate or if your hormone levels are OK). He/she can then refer your partner to get semen analysis performed and you may have patency of the fallopian tubes examined.

These are all basic assessments – but even these tests may not necessarily show the real cause of infertility. Sometimes even the specialized clinics fail to identify what is the underlying factor causing the issue.

Some deeper problems may concern the quality of eggs, sperm, or the uterine epithelia. In a nutshell, in approximately 10% of couples we will never actually find out why they cannot conceive.

The fact that conventional gynecological tests show normal results may not always guarantee that you will become pregnant without any problems. However, hope dies last, so it is necessary to keep trying tirelessly.


The information was provided by a gynecologist, Medical Director and expert representative of Gyncare, Center for Assisted Reproduction, doc. MUDr. Silvia Toporcerová, PhD., MBA.

Associate Professor Toporcerová is a recognized figure in her field. She has been practicing reproductive medicine for almost 20 years.

She is the author and co-author of several professional monographs, university scripts and textbooks, and professional scientific articles. In her leisure time, she likes to travel.



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