How often will I have to visit the clinic for diagnostics and treatment of infertility?

You may also encounter problems and cannot seem to get pregnant and you are considering seeing a specialist. However, questions are swirling in your head and you cannot seem to find the answers. And it’s exactly the answers that are important for your decision as to “where to go from here”. Does this really have to drag on and on? Will I have to visit the clinic all the time? Will the tests and assessment be unpleasant or annoying? These are the most common questions that most women ask us. So how is it for real?

The number of visits a couple makes to our Assisted Reproduction Center is very individual. Sometimes the cause of infertility becomes obvious at the first appointment (e.g. fallopian tube obstruction detected during a laparoscopic assessment or male infertility diagnosed by an andrologist). Then, after the basic initial check-up, it is possible to arrange the start of hormonal treatment before the IVF cycle itself.

But sometimes the cause of infertility needs to be investigated using several tests and assessments. 

Ovulation cycle control

In the female partner, we first try to find out what the ovarian reserve is and whether her cycle includes ovulation. After the basic initial check-up, a control check-up in the middle of the cycle is arranged, where an ultrasound assessment is performed, during which we determine whether a dominant follicle is present in the ovary, what are its characteristics and we also detect the thickness of the uterine mucosa. Ovulation is verified by a check-up during the secretory phase, approximately on the 21st day of the cycle in women with a 28-day menstrual cycle. If the cycle is anovulatory (i.e. ovulation is missing), we induce ovulation with drugs and, of course, we check whether the treatment has been successful or not.

If the cycle includes ovulation and the parameters of semen analysis are within the standard benchmarks, we then examine the patency of the fallopian tubes. We use a laparoscopic procedure or an ultrasound assessment.

Semen analysis

Regarding male infertility, if the values from the semen analysis are within the norm and the cause of infertility is still unknown in the female partner, we recommend functional tests (Halosperm, Oxisperm, MAR test, vital test). If the parameters of the semen analysis are not within the norm, a control test with an interval of at least 3 weeks is appropriate. If the pathological result is confirmed, we refer the male partner to an andrological or genetic examination.

Sometimes examinations are also needed in other specialized clinics – this may include genetic, hematological, endocrinological or reproductive immunology clinics.

We have briefly explained to you to the basic diagnostic process concerning infertility of couples. As you can see yourselves, there is nothing too complicated. So don’t let anything stand in the way between you and the desired baby.

The information was provided by a gynecologist in the Gyncare clinic in Košice, MUDr. Katarína Balasičová PhD.

Dr. Balasičová graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of UPJŠ in 2007, and then completed her doctoral studies in gynecology and obstetrics at the same faculty and university in Košice.

Since 2007, she has been working as a doctor at the gynecology and obstetrics department of the L. Pasteur University Hospital in Košice, where she is in charge of deliveries and assists and performs surgical procedures. At the same time, since 2016 she has been working in Gyncare, Center for Assisted Reproduction in Košice as a gynecologist. In her leisure time, she enjoys hiking and reading detective stories.




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