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New Beginnings in Gyncare

13. 02. 2017

Today in Košice, the new Gyncare centre for assisted reproduction opened its gates, following up on 15 years of experience in the field but simultaneously introducing a lot of new things. The centre will represent a one-stop shop providing a whole range of services related to diagnosing and treatment of infertility with an experienced team of professionals from a number of countries and with state-of-the-art technology meeting the standards of modern European clinics.


Correct diagnosis is the basis of everything

The medical team is led by experienced gynaecologists. MUDr. Miroslav Herman, PhD., with over 25 years of experience with assisted reproduction stood at the very beginning of reproductive medicine in Slovakia as well as the birth of the first private centre for assisted reproduction in Košice. In the past 15 years, he has supervised over 4,000 IVF cycles leading to the birth of more than 1,500 babies. Doc. MUDr. Silvia Toporcerová, PhD., will also join the ranks of the centre’s gynaecology experts. Doc. MUDr. Silvia Toporcerová, PhD., is the professional sponsor of the centre: In Gyncare, professionals emphasise proper diagnosis, which is a condition for a successful treatment. “Almost every single problem related to infertility has a solution, if correctly diagnosed. Another condition is an individual approach and good cooperation with the office-based gynaecologist, who provides regular care to the patient”, she stresses. “It is not always necessary to undergo the most demanding forms of treatment. Sometimes, nature only needs a little nudge,” she adds.


Camera Will Guard Embryonic Development

The technological equipment of the centre enables provision of a wide range of services. All methods of assisted reproduction will be carried out in compliance with European standards.  “The state-of-the-art multichamber incubator allows us to culture the respective embryos in a very stable environment. It is therefore not necessary to disrupt the growth process every time the embryologist needs to control the embryos of another patient. Today, we are even able to monitor embryonic development via a time-lapse camera. Not only can the embryologist select the highest quality embryo for implantation, but he/she can also provide a recording with embryonic development to the future parents,” explains RNDr. Ivana Uhrínová, embryologist of Gyncare centre for assisted reproduction.


No Reason to Be Afraid

Many couples wait for years before they dare to visit a centre for assisted reproduction. They are afraid to admit they may have a problem or are hindered by insecurity about what may perhaps follow. In Gyncare, we have a team of experienced, understanding and emphatic professionals, on whom the clients can fully rely. In the new, modern and – above all – cosy and intimate facility, they will find enough privacy on their path towards a belated baby.


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