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  1. The Gyncare centre for assisted reproduction is one of the most advanced and modern clinics in Slovakia. During the 17 years of our existence, we have carried out over 5,000 IVF procedures, which have led to the birth of 1,800 babies.
We have been here<br />
since 2001
We have been here
since 2001
Over 5,000 IVF procedures
Over 5,000 IVF procedures
More than 1,800 babies born
More than 1,800 babies born

According to the data from 2014, we initiated 444 IVF cycles at our clinic which were based on the partner donation program. These cycles resulted in 215 clinical pregnancies, which, in turn led to the delivery of 139 babies. We were thus successful in almost one in three cases – 31% to be precise.

Our results are keeping pace with the European standard, which has significantly increased in the past two decades. According to statistics, an increasing number of couples are asking for the assistance of reproductive medicine in their efforts to conceive a child. Thanks to ongoing research in this field, our methods are increasingly successful.

Europe in figures

According to the information from ESHRE (European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology), which summarises data on assisted reproduction from over 30 countries (Slovakia is not included among the surveyed countries), there were over 920 centres for reproductive medicine across Europe in 2005, which carried out almost 420,000 IVF cycles in total. By 2012, the number of clinics had increased by another 170 (partially as a result of the rising number of monitored countries) and the number of procedures rose by as much as 53 percent to 639,782. Even steeper growth was observed in terms of the number of delivered children, which rose by 100 percent, as 144,351 children were born in 2012 thanks to the methods of assisted reproduction.


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