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Sperm donation

Sperm donation

The use of donor sperm is recommended in couples facing enduring problem with the male partner’s fertility. This concerns the absence of sperm in the ejaculate (azoospermia) or when the partner is a carrier of a genetic disease. Sperm donation is strictly anonymous on both sides.

Donated sperm cannot be used to fertilize a woman who does not have a male partner.

The principle of sperm donation

Darcom spermií sa môže stať muž vo veku 18 – 34 rokov, ktorý spĺňa kritériá A sperm donor can be a male aged 18-34 who meets the criteria concerning semen analysis parameters, as well as the results of initial tests and assessments to rule out infectious, sexually and genetically transmitted diseases. The sperms are frozen and stored in quarantine for 180 days, after which tests for infectious and sexually transmitted diseases are performed once again. The sperms can actually be used for donation only if negative results are confirmed.

Why become a donor?

  1. You will help infertile couples become parents.
  2. We will completely examine your reproductive and genetic health.
  3. All tests and assessments you undergo are free of charge.
  4. You will receive financial compensation of up to € 1 000 for sperm donations.*
  5. You may donate sperm repeatedly.

*Gyncare guarantees donors included in the donation program financial compensation for each donation and demonstrably incurred costs associated with sperm donation up to € 100. The donor can complete a maximum of 10 donations.

Who can donate sperm?

The sperm donor must meet the following criteria:

  1. age 18 – 34 years,
  2. health condition without serious illnesses (including congenital and mental),
  3. attained education – completed secondary school as a minimum.

How many times do you need to visit the clinic before you become a donor?

The first visit includes:

  • personal appointment with a healthcare professional of our facility and completion of the entry questionnaire,
  • basic test of ejaculate obtained by masturbation (recommended period of sexual abstinence before sampling is 3-5 days),
  • the sample must meet the minimal criteria according to WHO standards, 2021,
  • blood sample collection to test for sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, hepatitis, syphilis, etc.) and determination of blood group, urine sample collection to test for chlamydial infection.

The second visit:
In case of satisfactory results, the potential donor undergoes the following:

  • genetic consultation and blood tests (karyotype – the test to determine the number and structure of chromosomes and test for other pathological genes most commonly found in our population),
  • the results of all tests will be known in about a month.

The third visit:
V prípade vyhovujúcich genetických výsledkov:

  • the donor signs the donation agreement and hands over a sample of ejaculate for the donation itself,
  • upon this donation, the donor is also paid the financial compensation (50 %),
  • the donor can donate the sample repeatedly at intervals of 7 days, sampling can be repeated up to 10 times.

The fourth and last visit:

  • 180 days after the first donation, the donor’s blood tests are repeated, and if the results are satisfactory, he is paid the remaining part of the compensation for the donation (50 %).

Sperm donors must undergo all tests required in the legislative regulations of the Slovak Republic (blood, urine, genetic tests).

Do you want to become a sperm donor?

After 180 days of quarantine and in case of negative results of repeated tests, the sperm is used to fertilize the oocytes of the couple who requested the donation.

What happens to your eggs after the retrieval?

Your egg will be fertilized with sperms from the couple who requested the donation. We transfer the embryo to the uterus of the future mother, ready for implantation and further growth of the embryo. Find out more in the section titled Treatment with donated cells.

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