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Diagnosing infertility

Discovering the actual cause of infertility is usually the first step in the process of implementing the solution. In Gyncare, we therefore pay special attention to comprehensive diagnostic services.

Getting pregnant isn’t always easy

Did you know that the human species has one of the weakest reproductive abilities of all the species of animals living on Earth?

The chance that a young and fertile couple conceives a child during an unprotected sexual intercourse in one month is only 17 percent and further declines after the age of 35.

When should you get an appointment?

If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than 12 months without success. After the age of 35, even after 6 months, and after the age of 40, it is not necessary to wait longer than 2-3 months.

What could be the problem?

When looking for the cause of infertility, it is very important to realize that this is an issue of the couple, not a purely male or female problem. It is natural to think of infertility as a common issue, as conceiving a baby requires both of you. This mindset can also help you overcome this difficult period more easily and allow you to get closer instead of growing further apart.

In addition to typical causes involving reproductive organs or sperm, infertility can also be caused by hormonal disorders, disorders of the genotype or immunology factors, not to mention the unhealthy lifestyle that often affects our lives more than we realize.


  • Self-payers
TitleThe amount to be paid
Initial consultation of the coupleThe amount to be paid
50 €0 €0 €50 €
Diagnostic services for women
Test of the ovarian reserve (AMH + AFC)The amount to be paid
50 €0 €0 €50 €
Gynecology ultrasound check-upThe amount to be paid
15 €0 €0 €15 €
Ultrasound examination of fallopian tube patency (HyFoSy)The amount to be paid
150 €150 €150 €150 €
Endometrial sample collection in the endometrial receptivity testThe amount to be paid
100 €100 €100 €100 €
Diagnostic services for men
Semen analysis
Comprehensive semen analysis following the WHO guidelinesThe amount to be paid
30 €15 €15 €30 €
Functional sperm test
Trial wash testThe amount to be paid
45 €45 €45 €45 €
Test for sperm antibodies in ejaculateThe amount to be paid
60 €60 €60 €60 €
Sperm DNA integrity test - HALOSPERMThe amount to be paid
130 €130 €130 €130 €
Sperm DNA integrity test over time - Dyn Halosperm The amount to be paid
250 €250 €250 €250 €
OxispermThe amount to be paid
60 €60 €60 €60 €
Vital TestThe amount to be paid
30 €30 €30 €30 €
SpermPack - comprehensive examination of the semen analysisThe amount to be paid
240 €240 €140 €240 €
Initial urological consultationThe amount to be paid
40 €40 €40 €40 €
Urological follow-up consultationThe amount to be paid
20 €20 €20 €20 €
Diagnostic services for couples
Postcoital test - sample collectionThe amount to be paid
15 €15 €15 €15 €

We help couples fulfill their dream of having a baby. 20 years of experience in assisted reproduction.

Book a consultation appointment and we will help you as well.

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