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Outpatient surgery

In our centers, we also perform non-demanding surgical procedures as part of outpatient (same-day) surgery. Sometimes it is necessary that you undergo these procedures in order to achieve the desired pregnancy.

Thanks to a comprehensive approach, patients in our clinics receive a high standard of services offered leading to successful treatment. This also includes same-day health care procedures in the field of gynecology. Our team of experienced specialists offers patients a quick and discreet solution to any health problem.

As part of outpatient health care, we perform procedures that do not require longer hospitalization and the patient is discharged for home treatment on the same day. These are delicate procedures performed by modern technology, which significantly shortens the length of recovery thus enabling patients to return to daily life activities more quickly.

We provide outpatient health care procedures in the Gyncare facility in Nitra. The procedures are performed by renowned specialists in the field of gynecology and anesthesiology.

Any procedure is performed based on a recommendation by a gynecologist. Do not hesitate and book an appointment to get a procedure.

Gyncare is a contractual partner of all health insurance companies in Slovakia.

You may book a procedure via e-mail at, telephone number +421 37 282 94 82 or by completing the contact form.

All outpatient procedures

  • Self-payers
TitleThe amount to be paid
Extirpation and excision of benign and malignant skin, subcutaneous tissue, and muscle tumors - Union HIC/other insurance companiesThe amount to be paid
100 €100 €0 €100 €
Cervical conizationThe amount to be paid
350 €0 €0 €350 €
Vulvar excision - only as a therapeutic procedure in general anesthesiaThe amount to be paid
350 €0 €0 €350 €
Surgery of the cysts of glandulae vestibularis - Bartholin's glandThe amount to be paid
330 €0 €0 €330 €
HysterosalpingographyThe amount to be paid
150 €1150 €1
Vaginal septal resectionThe amount to be paid
290 €0 €0 €290 €
Hysteroscopy (+ possible resection of uterine septum)The amount to be paid
4000 €0 €0 €4000 €
Curettage, including dilation * The amount to be paid
320 €0 €0 €320 €
Review of the uterine cavity after miscarriage *The amount to be paid
320 €0 €0 €320 €
Puncture of ovarian cysts *The amount to be paid
160 €20 €0 €160 €2
Excision from the vaginal wall for histologyThe amount to be paid
220 €0 €0 €220 €
Ablation of cervical polyp *The amount to be paid
260 €0 €0 €260 €
Extirpation of skin tumors on external genitals The amount to be paid
150 €0 €0 €150 €
Examination under general anesthesia The amount to be paid
220 €0 €0 €220 €
MESA/TESE surgical sperm retrieval8**The amount to be paid
500 €500 €500 €500 €
Selection of the operating surgeon, consultationThe amount to be paid
60 €60 €60 €60 €
1 - ostatné ZP/VŠZP2 - ostatné ZP/VŠZP
All outpatient procedures are performed in the Gyncare facility in Nitra. Procedures marked with an asterisk are performed as follows:
* procedures performed in Gyncare Nitra and Košice.
** procedure performed only in Gyncare Košice.

Useful information for patients undergoing a surgical procedure

  1. Any procedure performed under general anesthesia requires a preoperative check-up (not older than 14 days) by an internal medicine specialist.
  2. If you are not fully vaccinated, it is necessary to submit a negative PCR test for COVID-19 not older than 72 hours before undergoing the procedure.
  3. Make sure the operating area of your body is shaved.
  4. At least 8 hours before the procedure, the patient must not consume or drink anything (no food or water).
  5. We recommend that patients bring a nightgown, slippers, toiletries, including sanitary napkins and fluids to stay hydrated.
  6. After the procedure, the patient remains in bed on the postoperative ward in the care of medical staff for at least 2 hours.
  7. It is essential that you are accompanied by an adult person on the way home.
  8. The patient will be instructed by the staff at the clinic about the follow-up medical care.

We help couples fulfill their dream of having a baby. 20 years of experience in assisted reproduction.

Book a consultation appointment and we will help you as well.

We will be glad to welcome you to our Gyncare assisted reproduction clinics in Nitra or Košice

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