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MUDr. Michal Michna

Gynecologist, Košice

He took interest in reproductive medicine already during his studies at the 3rd Faculty of Medicine at Charles University in Prague. At the faculty, he worked as a lecturer teaching histology and embryology.

To me, assisted reproduction is a fascinating discipline because of the significant scientific progress it has made over the last decade as well as for the possibility to deliver top-level medical care to couples also here in Slovakia.”

After graduating in Prague in 2013, he joined the Gynecological and Obstetrics Clinic of the AGEL Košice-Šaca Hospital, where he has worked part-time until this day. In 2018, he received specialist board certification in gynecology and obstetrics.

He likes to spend his leisure time on ski slopes as well as exploring new countries.

We help couples fulfill their dream of having a baby. 20 years of experience in assisted reproduction.

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