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MUDr. Robert Vetrák, MPH

Executive Director

Dr. Vetrák has been working as a physician and medical manager for over 40 years. After graduating Medical Faculty of Comenius University, he worked at 1st Children’s Clinic of DFNsP in Bratislava and later at the Radiology Department of DFNsP (Children Faculty Hospital with Polyclinic). He completed scholarships in Germany, at the Radiology Clinic in Nuremberg and Bamberg. After obtaining his MPH (Master of Public Health) under the WHO auspices, he specialized in senior health management. He put his expertise into practice first as deputy director and later as the director of the DFNsP in Bratislava. Under his leadership in 1991, the new premises of the DFNsP in the district of Kramáre served to open specialized pediatric centers, such as the Children’s Oncology Clinic (celebrating its 30 years of existence last year) as well as Children’s Cardio Center and others, such as Children’s DIA Center. He is the founder of various non-profit organizations, such as Nadácia na záchranu života (Life Saving Foundation) or Nadácia detskej onkológie (Children’s Oncology Foundation). He works as a lecturer in the field of management of non-state medical facilities. He has received several awards – the most important ones include the PROPTER MERITA gold medal awarded by the Slovak medical Society and the silver medal of the Medical Faculty of Comenius University. For 9 years, he worked as Medical Manager of the Malacky Hospital and currently he is the Executive Director of Gyncare, the center of reproductive medicine.

We help couples fulfill their dream of having a baby. 20 years of experience in assisted reproduction.

Book a consultation appointment and we will help you as well.

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