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Little Izabella

Read the story of Izabella – the child of her wonderful parents

“My name is Izabella. My story goes a long way back to the past, but I’ll tell it to you. After their wedding, my mom and dad longed for the traditional, typical family. Mom stopped taking birth control pills and was completely sure she would get pregnant right away. Her period was late, so she took a pregnancy test. However, it was negative. “What’s wrong with me?” she thought to herself. She went to see her gynecologist and she walked out of the clinic crying. The doctor had told her that the journey to the desired baby could be really difficult. The diagnosis was PCO (polycystic ovaries). He wrote her a prescription for contraceptives for three months to improve her condition but no change took place. They also tried stimulation, but nothing came out of it. The doctor referred my mother to laparoscopic ovarian drilling. She agreed, but as she read about the procedure, she got a little scared and contacted an infertility clinic.

We live in a village, far from everything. It was not easy to organize a consultation appointment, but they did give it a try. It must have been the Lord himself who send the best doctor in the world exactly their way. The results of the examination were quite good, only the AMH values were too high due to PCO and there were some deviations in the semen analysis. But there was a chance. Without her drugs and injections, my mother was not even menstruating. So the stimulations began. She responded well to the drugs, but still did not become pregnant. The months came and went, so may parents decided to go for HSG and hysteroscopy. The examination showed that my mother had an obstructive left fallopian tube – the one where she had more frequent ovulation, but they continued on. The first test brought some good news – ovulation on the right side was successful and although it was very difficult, my mum got pregnant. That baby was not me, but our angel boy, who watches over us. At the 10th week of pregnancy, my mother had to have an intervention done as my sibling’s little heart was not beating. This was very painful experience for my parents. They are crying as I’m writing this. The healing took a long time, my mum suffered from irregular bleeding at various times, her hormone levels were not right. Then they decided to try IVF.

Examinations, tests, injections, ultrasounds, etc. started all over again. After the stimulation on day 10, the experts selected 12 eggs, of which they had 8 embryos. They returned two of them and froze the other 6. After 2 weeks, they called my parents to collect a blood sample. However, my mother could not wait and after 10 days she started the testing on her own. Although the test outcome was weak, it did confirm the pregnancy. This was me, the HCG level was at 828 mIU/ml. After the preceding unsuccessful outcome, my parents were afraid, but still hoped that everything would be fine now. After 2 weeks, they could hear the beating of my heart. The first failed pregnancy of my mother turned out not to be enough – I also gave her some really hard time. As my mother fought for me and prayed for me “outside”, so I fought in her womb. Mum was hospitalized 3 times, had 3 hematomas, as well as contractions and had major cervical bleedings. She overcame a bacterial infection several times, at the end she was already open and had only little amniotic fluid. After 8 months of strict lying regimen, at 38th week, to the great joy of my parents, she brought me to this world – of course with a help of the best doctor in the world (but I already mentioned that to you).

So my dear friends, here I am in this world – healthy, beautiful and happy. And you should be patient too, believe in yourself, follow all the doctors’ instructions and a miracle will happen to you, too.

I could go on and on, but I have to spend some time with my mum now. Take care, I wish you a lot of strength and understanding to all of you striving hard for the birth of your own children. In conclusion, we would like to thank the entire Gyncare team in Nitra for the great job they did, but especially the best doctor there is, Andrea Hladovcová. It probably wouldn’t have worked out without her. She was a great support to my parents, she trusted the whole process even more than my parents did. She contributed with an awful lot of strength and support, something that we will never be able to give back and we will always be grateful to her.


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