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Travelling from major destinations in the region


You can reach Košice by car, airplane Airport Košice, Airport Bratislava and Airport Vienna, train Train Station Košice and Bratislava or bus Flixbus. Please click on the links to find your connection.

*Tip for patients coming by plane to Košice:

Many international patients chose to land in Budapest, Hungary airport. There is wider selection or low budget airlines connecting Budapest with all major European destinations daily.
From Budapest, there is airport shuttle to Košice leaving 7 times a day, click here please.
Distance is 260 km, duration is 3 hours, cost is 35 eur per person, one way.

Check your flight connections here.


If you decide to drive to Košice, here is the information how to reach us from bigger cities in the region:




Zagreb – Košice, 604 km (6 hours, 31 minutes, €79 Via Michelin)

Osijek – Košice, 530 km (5hours, 46 minutes, €66, Via Michelin)


 Budapest – Košice, 263 km (3hours, 9 minutes, €43, Via Michelin)






Timişoara – Košice, 424 km (6 hours, 28 minutes, €63, Via Michelin)

Cluj Napoca – Košice, 355 km (7 hours, 9 minutes, €61, Via Michelin)

Târgu Mureş – Košice, 507 km  (7 hours, 57 minutes, €72.35, Via Michelin)

Bucharest – Košice, 839 km (12hours, 48 minutes, €105, Via Michelin)


Beograd – Košice, 619 km (6 hours, 15 minutes, €73, Via Michelin)

Novi Sad – Košice, 544 km (5hours, 28minutes, €66, Via Michelin)


Stay in Košice

Our Coordinators will help you chose most convenient accommodation for you and will make reservation for you. Feel free to contact us for more information at

For your pleasant stay, we have prepared a list of accommodation nearby. You can chose from Pensions (price from € 35), Apartments (price from € 49), 3* hotels (from € 60), 4* hotels (from € 90). If you would like to experience famous High Tatras during your stay and relax surrounded by nature, we recommend famous Hotel  Lomnica.

Travelling for IVF treatment itself can be stressful, which is why coming to Slovakia for treatment and choosing not capital cities for your treatment (Košice, Nitra) will enable you to relax and find your inner peace before and during the treatment. You can experience peaceful stay, friendly local people, delicious local food and trip to Tatra mountains.


Medication ordering

In case you are not coming to Gyncare for first consultations and medication or cannot get medication from your local doctor, we provide help with medication ordering.

We cooperate with online pharmacies which are able to send you medication by post. It works in a way – we send them prescriptions, they deliver medication to you, payment is done directly to the pharmacy, online.

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