For those interested in donating eggs and sperm, Gyncare offers free testing which also includes detailed genetic examination. In addition to the standard genetic consultation and testing for the karyotype (the number of chromosomes and any major chromosomal changes) in all donors, we also perform a panel-based diagnostic analysis. This is a genetic test developed for couples who have a fertility problem but also for people who want to know more about their genetic makeup before planning a pregnancy. The test is performed using next-generation sequencing (NGS), a method which guarantees maximum reliability of the results. Subsequent genetic consultation is provided upon confirmation of a pathological finding.

This panel test comprises:

  1. carriage of the genes associated with the most common genetic diseases in our population (cystic fibrosis, spinal muscular atrophy, genetically linked deafness, fragile X syndrome),
  2. genetic abnormalities that can lead to fertility problems (the PLK4 gene increasing the risk of embryo genetic abnormalities),
  3. ANXA5 gene playing a role in the process of embryo implantation in the uterus,
  4. androgen receptor gene and Y chromosome microdeletions, which play a role in male infertility,
  5. genes that may affect the optimization of hormonal stimulation in women in assisted reproduction (pathologies of gonadotropic hormone receptor genes).

This is a test of a custom-selected panel of genes that can influence the chances of pregnancy. The test is performed on blood samples, the results are typically available within one month. The test is not only suitable for couples who are not successful in their effort to conceive but also for people who want to prevent various complications arising in a future pregnancy (e.g. to rule out the tendency to increased coagulation or blood clotting, which may predispose the woman to recurrent miscarriages, high pregnancy blood pressure and other pregnancy-related complications) or prevent a pregnancy with the fetus carrying a genetic disease.

These genetic tests for individuals interested in sex cell donation are complemented by tests of blood samples for infectious and sexually transmitted diseases. In male donors, we also perform a basic testing of ejaculate – sperm analysis and DNA sperm integrity test (Halosperm) in which we detect the presence of any sperm with damaged genotype.

In female donors, Gyncare provides free basic gynecological and ultrasound examinations, as well as determination of the ovarian reserve (the number of eggs in ovaries).

We help couples fulfill their dream of having a baby. 20 years of experience in assisted reproduction.

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